IZOTEX EXTRA Waterproofing Membrane Download Document


Three layers waterproofing membrane consisting of PP/PU/PP layers in large width that protects floor and wall substrates from water penetration in wet areas.


  • EXTRA covers large areas in single use due to its large width.
  • EXTRA protects the substrate from the water leakage that comes from the fracture of covering material.
  • Due to its flexible structure there will be no crack on the membrane in time.
  • It forms an optimum surface for tiling when its installed.
  • Due to its flexible structure there will be no crack on the membrane in time.
  • The fleece lining on both sides provides strong adhesion with adhesives.
  • EXTRA can be used in both indoors and outdoors.
  • It is easy to work with, it can be cut by craft knife or scissors.
  • It has long storage time.
Composition PP/PU/PP
Colour It is producible in any colour
Resistance to Temperature -10 °C / + 60 °C
Warranty 10 years product warranty
Certified According To EN 13859-1
Storage It should be stored in cool and dry area without exposing sunlight
Weight EN 1849-2 200 g/m2 +/- 10 g/m2
Width EN 1848-2 150 cm +/- 2 cm
Standard Roll Length EN 1848-2 30 m +/- 1 m
Weight of Standard Roll - 9.5 kg/roll +/- 0,5 kg
Water Penetration Resistance TS EN 1928 W1 Class -
Transversal Resistance to Tearing (Nail Shank) TS EN 12310-1 295 N +/- 30 N
Longitudinal Resistance to Tearing (Nail Shank) TS EN 12310-1 215 N +/- 25 N
Transversal Tensile Resistance TS EN 12311-1 575 N/5cm +/- 30 N/5cm
Longitudinal Tensile Resistance - 695 N/5cm +/- 40 N/5cm
Longitudinal Elongation TS EN 12311-1 45 % +/- 6 %
Elongation at Break TS EN 12311-1 48 % +/- 8 %
Water Vapour Diffusion Resistance (Sd) TS EN 1931 <6
Reaction to Fire TS EN 11925-2 Class E -
*The values above are only for information purpose, cannot be used as official document.


EXTRA is used to provide waterproofing under ceramic tiles in wet room’s floors and walls.
The membrane is used under covering materials (marble, covering concrete etc.) to ensure waterproofing on terraces.


EXTRA is used as a waterproofing cuff in shower channels and drains systems.