The waterproofing membranes, which we developed as a result of the R & D studies initiated in 2005, were launched in 2009 as a commercial product under the IZOTEX brand.

IZOTEX is a trademark of TEPASTEX which was established in 1985.

Starting with the production of waterproofing membranes, we continuously develop our products to meet the demands and expectations of the market.

In addition to waterproofing membranes, as a result of our continuous R & D activities, we also produce self-adhesive waterproofing membranes, joint insulation tapes and auxiliary accessories used in detail points.

We are one of the first companies in our country in the production of waterproofing membranes and our products in accordance with the standards applicable in Europe.

As IZOTEX, our priorities are the quality of our products and customer satisfaction.

That’s why we are only specialized in waterproofing membranes with our flexible and customized production concept to satisfy customer needs and to be pioneer in the market.


Using the latest technology to create the most secure and practical waterproofing system. To meet needs that even the practitioner is unaware of.


We are in continuous development and innovation to save the buildings from the water damages and to make the living areas comfortable.